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import (

The pkgzip command bundles assets into a Go package.

Now that Go 1.16 includes embedding resources, this package is unmaintained. For more information see the embed package.

For more information install the command and run pkgzip -help, or run go run -help.

To use this tool in your Go project, add it to your tools.go file, and add a Go Generate line (this doesn’t have to be in tools.go) similar to the one in the following example:

//go:generate go run -m -f -src assets -pkg assetsfs

// +build tools

package main

import (
	_ ""

Then update your go.mod file with the specific version you want (use go get -u to get the latest), and run go generate tools.go (or wherever you put the comment) to generate your assets package. It’s probably easiest to do this from your Makefile like so:

ASSETS!=find myassetstree/

mybin: internal/assetsfs/pkgzip.go
	go build -o $@

internal/assetsfs/pkgzip.go: $(ASSETS)
	go generate tools.go