This site is a collection links to Go libraries and support tools that were originally written for the Soquee issue tracker. The cloud instance of the issue tracker is no longer available, but we are open sourcing many of its components here.

Module Synopsis

Modules Package norm contains middleware for normalizing HTTP forms using PRECIS. Package login handles password hashing and login cookies. Package syslog is a fork of the syslog package from the standard library that allows writing logs to locations other than the network or the local syslog daemon. Package otp implements HOTP and TOTP one-time passwords. Package tmpl handles loading and rendering HTML templates. Package avatar contains functions for creating default user avatars. Package env can be used to load environment variables from files. Package migration contains functions for generating and finding PostgreSQL database migrations using pgx. Package mux is a Go HTTP multiplexer that provided typed route parameters. Package problem implements errors similar to the ones described by RFC7807. Package query parses the simple query language used for full text search in the Soquee issue tracker. Package reltime implements a “time ago” algorithm. Package testlog is a log.Logger that proxies to the Log function on a testing.T.

Unmaintained A Go SDK for the Paddle HTTP API. Soquee Versions is a tool for managing Git repos written in Rust and GTK. The pkgzip command bundles assets into a Go package.